For next season, I will be racing on a new bike! My Trek TTX has been a great bike, and I plan to keep it and ride it still.  If I am going to race an event under UCI regulations, I will need it anyway.   Technology and bike design has progressed quite a bit over the last 8 or so years when the TTX was one of the top bikes available.   I spent some time considering what attributes I wanted in a new bike.

First and for most, it needed to be aerodynamically faster than the TTX.  Second, I really wanted it to be built in the U.S.A.  Third, it needed to be an aesthetically pleasing bike.  The Cervelo P4 is a prime example of a bike that was fast, but looked to have been beaten with an ugly stick.

When looking at companies that actually design and make things in the U.S.A., there weren’t a lot of options.  The Speed Concept 9 is built in Wisconsin still, as was my TTX.  The Speed Concept 9 is one of only four frames Trek still makes domestically.

The Dimond, designed by TJ Tollakson and his company, was another option.  The Dimond is produced, start to finish, in Des Moines Iowa.  The carbon fiber used to build the frame is even from a domestic source.   The bike has tested quite well in the wind tunnel,  better than the other current super bikes.  It’s design also allows for some vertical compliance, and a better overall ride.

I contacted Dimond to learn more about the bike, and they wanted to learn more about me.  I am happy to say, I will be part of Team Dimond for next year and beyond.  I will be building the bike myself, and will be detailing the build process over a number of posts.


The box from Ruster Sports:


The box was smaller than I was expecting.  The way the Dimond is built allows for easy airlines travel.


After pulling off the top layer of protective packing material:


The frame components and fork:



The frame and fork, plus the build components: