For when you want to perform your best...


  • Discussion of goals and objectives
  • Review/plan race schedule
  • Annual training plan construction
  • Training schedule delivered in 2 week blocks
  • Coach-initiated phone call every 2 weeks
  • Communication via email, text and phone as needed
  • “A” race plan covered in detail
  • General and race day nutrition consulting
  • Custom strength training program
  • Option of attending group workouts when available

The Details:


Putting you on track for your next PR!   Great plan to get you ready for any race on your calendar!  Custom tailored to your needs and schedule, delivered every 2 weeks. Minimum of 9 months for Ironman athletes.  6 month minimum for Half Ironman athletes.  Lower minimums considered for seasoned athletes.


For when top performance is on your mind!  This plan offers a higher level of interaction, with daily adjustments if needed. Workouts are planned by TSS, not just by duration or distance.  If you are serious about becoming the best athlete you can be, this is the plan for you! For optimal performance use this plan for 9 months for an Ironman, 6 months for a Half Ironman  Lower duration may be considered for seasoned athletes.

Data Driven:

* A data logging heart rate monitor/gps device is required for all athletes.  A power meter for cycling is highly recommended for all athletes, and required for all Ironman and Half Ironman athletes.   This allows a much higher precision of workout construction, training stress tracking, and validation of athlete improvement.    Rental power tap wheels are available.

The chart below shows my training over the past year.  The lines represent CTL (blue line), which is chronic training load, or more or less fitness level; ATL (pink line), which is acute training load, or fatigue level; and TSB (yellow line), which is training stress balance–a ratio of CTL versus ATL and an indicator of when your form is good and you should perform well.  You can see the build up that begins in June, followed by the taper and peak for Ironman Wisconsin.  After Ironman is a brief recovery period, followed by the build and taper for the ITU Long Course World Championships.  After that I am entering my off season, but did run the Las Vegas Marathon in an attempt to run another Boston Qualifying time, which was successful.  As you can see, my current fitness is higher now than it was one year ago as I prepare to enter the last two build cycles before this year’s edition of Ironman Wisconsin.

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